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last update: april 14, 2007
This website was built by Marc Diethelm with his bare hands. It was pieced together from assorted bits and bytes.

All code was written in a text editor (Homesite 4.5) because a graphical web page editor that works for me and not against, has yet to be found.
Only 'open standard' web languages have been/are used in the process:
If you feel that somehow this site doesn't display right in your browser you're probably right. If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer you're definitely right. IE doesn't support these languages correctly, MS loves to change things in the languages here and there, for strategic reasons. This makes it almost impossible to create pages that display right for every browser and computer. I have used great care and spent many, many, many hours looking for workarounds to make it work to the degree it does now. I did this because the majority of web users don't know better but to use the unsafest, buggiest web browser I've ever seen, which is IE. (any version)

If you wonder what browsing with a thoroughly programmed, maintained and safe web browser feels like, switch to Mozilla or Firefox. Trust me, for all sites that are programmed using correct, standard code you won't miss IE one second!

Get Firefox!     Get Firefox!

the following part was added after the big re-design, involving 3 dynamically changable style sheets, on which I worked from february to may 2006!

Internet Explorer sucks, sucks, sucks!!! Make it known.

These could have been three very elegant style sheets, but no! IE's inheritance is crap, it's box model is crap, specific HTML attributes as selectors won't work (eg. input[type=reset]), position:fixed won't work, border-styles won't work, variable width by defining right and left won't work, width:100% from surrounding context won't work, :before and :after won't work thereby killing my entire dynamic navigation style concept, let's not talk about the DOM (just try to change the href of an external style sheet in IE.)

First you spend n time designing your site, then you spend 2n time 'fixing' it for buggy IE.

There's LOADS of other stuff I don't want to remember right now!

Internet Explorer sucks, sucks, sucks!!! Make it known.